I love the ocean


I’ve grown up next to the sea. I couldn’t imagine being more than an hour or two away from it. For the past four years I’ve lived right on the edge of the ocean. The tides have risen and fallen again and again. The salt has become familiar and the wind is an old friend. The water has raged against the land yet in those same moments I know it can become so still that it nearly perfectly reflects the sky above. I don’t know a life away from it. In my bag there is a diary that tells me the tides. In my room coral sits alongside my books. My life is littered with memories of sunny days with sand under my feet. My brain is full of facts about how to get out of rips, treat jellyfish stings, and the way venomous rockfish can hide in plain sight. The ocean is a dangerous thing for all of it’s beauty and I love it all the same.


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