4 am review: Life of Pablo

Ultralight Beam – A beautiful song that addresses a lot of contemporary fears. “I’m tryna’ keep my faith but I’m looking for more. Somewhere I can feel safe.”

Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 – Why am I getting a feeling of being on a boat? Like a fancy big boat.

Pt. 2 – I can see hip hop dancers really getting into this song.

Famous – Ah, the controversial song itself. This song really caused a ruckus. Kanye nearly got sued or prosecuted in relation to the whole Taylor Swift V. Kimye thing. Still good though.

Feedback – I don’t think I like this song as much as the others. There is something in here that sounds like a weird flute or something that is not fun at 4am. Kudos for trying it.

Low Lights – A very powerful voice. This lady sounds super charismatic.

Highlights – Right from the get go I am really enjoying this. It’s got some good noises scattered around. The first song of the album to get me tapping my feet.

Freestyle 4 – Sort of creepy. Is Kanye growling at me? Yes, he is.

I Love Kanye – I love this. Kanye made a song about people loving Kanye but only the old Kanye. He has changed as an artist. Let him change.

Waves – Probably the most radio friendly song yet. “Groovy” is the word that comes to mind.

FML – A bit slower. Kanye has a lot of songs about/to do with his kids. They must really inspire him. Oh, something just happened. More base? Yes, I appreciate this song. Very moody. Okay, there is a weird voice about 3/4 way through. I don’t know how this voice is making me feel.

Real Friends – Kanye sounds like a busy man. Everything else must take a back seat. Kids, a career, Kim, touring, a clothing line, creating music and everything else probably takes up most of his time. Gosh, that sounds like a handful and a half. Finding and maintaining friendships must be hard, especially when you have so many people wanting to use your fame for themselves or against you.

Wolves – People must be vultures around Kanye. There is a weird voice/flute here too. I kind of like this one. Less creepy/weird sound and more haunting.

Frank’s Truck – Nice. He has a beautiful voice. More stripped back than the other songs and shorter.

Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission – Is it legal to put phone calls on albums? They both sound drunk.

30 Hours – Is this a “Day in the life of Kanye West”? It sounds like it’s got an echo to it. I’m enjoying it. A bit less interesting compared to the others. Maybe a mid-range song on the album. Didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it.

No More Parties in LA – Hmm, it’s good. I feel like it’s something people hang out to. A good song to bob your head to.

Facts (Charlie Heat Version) – Feels like an old type of song. I like it. Oh, it just had a big change. Kanye is killing this song. This is so good. It’s a bit moody like FML.

Fade – Another song that has had a few headlines. The very end of the music video is interesting I’ve heard. I’m digging the song. I feel like people could do some cool choreography to this.

Saint Pablo –  There is a high-pitched noise that I’m enjoying and I also like the bits of singing. I feel like this is a solid ending to this album. The strange noises, the beautiful singing, Kanye is excellent as well and the lyrics link back to the other songs. Kanye must feel very attacked by the people around him. His music is good though.

Finished: 5:28am


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