is so addictive

I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels the other day, DanAndPhilGAMES, and they played a game called It looked interesting and controlling the game seemed easy enough so I decided to look it up and give it a go. I logged onto the site, gave myself a nickname for the leader board and other players to see, and dragged my snake around the screen collecting small glowing orbs. Then came my 5 hour long streak of playing. It’s bad, I know, but once your name gets on the top 10 leader board out of 300-400 players you have to do it again. I amazingly got up to 4th on the leader board. This was about 1 hour into the binge. I spent the next 4 trying to get back on it and beat where I had been. I got up to the 8th position before I finally gave up because I needed to sleep. I had also taken to running into other player much smaller than myself, ending my game with what I had collected and resetting my game, just because I felt sorry for them (or that’s what tell myself anyway).

That’s the aim of the game; try to get as large as possible without running into the body of other players thereby ending your game. You can collect points and make your body grow by collecting the orbs scattered around the map or go on the offensive and try to collect points off other players by getting them to run into your body then collect their points. It’s an excellent game and you can play it here if you don’t mind the possibility of the next few hours being taken up by it.




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