Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

img_1207Amazing. Spooky. Creepy. Breathtaking. All of the good words. Through the Woods by Emily Carrol is an excellent compilation of spooky short stories to read during the Halloween period. The graphic novel’s style compliment and elevate the five separate stories beyond what they would have been if they were simply textual. The use of colour creates an eerie feeling that definitely lasts with you after putting the book down.

My favourite of the five stories would have to be Our Neighbour’s House, the first of the stories. In Conclusion doesn’t count as one of the stories but it certainly deserves a shout out as well. If you can get your hands on it for Halloween or if you’re just craving something a little spooky this is something you should look into picking up. Be warned, however, there are gory images (dead bodies and the like) so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.


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