Spooky movie & TV series recommendations

Here are some spooky-ish movies & TV series that I love. I’m not really a fan of horror because that’s a little too much for me so these are more mild.

  • How To Get Away With Murder (TV series)                7/10 spooky factor
  • Stranger Things (TV series)                                        9/10 spooky factor
  • Daredevil (TV series)                                                   6/10 spooky factor
  • Orphan Black (TV series)                                            8/10 spooky factor
  • Sense8 (TV series)                                                       6/10 spooky factor
  • Twitches (movie)                                                         3/10 spooky factor
  • Harry Potter (all of the movies)                                 7/10 spooky factor
  • Stardust (movie)                                                          4/10 spooky factor

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